Lucky Marmot Press

Small publisher focused on the history of northeast Oregon.

Wildflowers of Hells Canyon
Janet Hohmann

This easy-to-use field guide contains more than a hundred full-color photos of wildflowers found in and around Hells Canyon, North America's deepest river gorge. Look up plants by family, common name, and color.

Janet Hohmann is a long-time Wallowa County naturalist who has worked as a wildlife biologist in northeast Oregon for more than forty years.

$20 each. 5.5x8.5" trade paperback. Spring 2023.

Four Lines a Day
Janie Tippett

In the 1930s, 15-year old Mary Marks moved to a rural community along the Imnaha River in northeast Oregon's Wallowa County. There, in country so remote that electricity didn't arrive until the 1960s, she married and built a life of hard work and deep friendships with family and neighboring ranchers.

Through it all, she kept a diary, four lines a day for sixty years. This is the story of Mary's life, revealed by those diaries and conversations with her long-time friend, Janie Tippett.

As much as anything, this is a story of friendship between two women, a friendship built on a common love for ranching and for the wild, rugged country of the Imnaha.

$18 each. 5.5x8.5" trade paperback. Fall 2022.

Janie's Journal
Janie Tippett

May 1st — Turnout time. The annual exodus to the hills has begun. The cattle, tired of being hayed the long winter months, are on the go to grass. Grass... the most important ingredient in cattle ranching.

So begins thirty-one years of Wallowa County old-timer Janie Tippett's newspaper columns chronicling the lives of cattle ranchers and hay farmers in rural northeast Oregon, collected here in six volumes with 600 photographs.

$24.99 each. 6x9" trade paperback. Fall 2021.